HESOLT PACKAGING stands out as a top plastic packaging company not only for its quality products, but also for its commitment to sustainable practices. By implementing source reduction, lightweighting, and recycling, we aim to mitigate the environmental impact of plastic and make a positive impact on the world. Our dedication to enhancing performance and reducing logistical costs while providing unmatched value in various packaging applications shows our commitment to making a better world.

When it comes to packaging sustainability, Chemco keeps in mind that it is all about the responsible management of resources in terms of the whole waste hierarchy namely the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We focus on REDUCING our use of materials, REUSE whatever we can, and RECYCLE at the end.


Ocean plastic is one of the most talked-about types of marine debris. It relates to any kind of plastic material that inadvertently makes its way out to sea. None of it belongs there, but it still ends up in an ocean which is why Chemco Group works with its customers to increase the volume of recycled plastic manufactured from bottles and other plastic debris removed from the ocean in their products


Plastic packaging is very valuable, and you must recycle it wherever possible. We have recycling plants throughout the country and nothing goes to waste. We also source post consumer products and packaging materials so we can to enhance sustainability even further. It includes bottles, caps, rigid containers, etc. We encourage all our clients to recycle and embrace post consumer recycled (PCR) plastic bottles, jars and containers used for beverages, household cleaners, detergents, and more. Remember, every recycled plastic bottle is a step towards saving the environment.


Chemco invests in biodegradable solutions wherever possible to ensure that plastics decompose and do not harm the environment. Due to quality and shelf-life issues, various countries still have strict norms for using biodegradable materials freely in food packaging. Chemco continues to work towards reaching a sustainable solution addressing the problem head-on.


In addition to delivering direct economic benefits, plastic packaging like bottles, jars and containers can also contribute to increased levels of resource productivity. For instance, plastic packaging can extend shelf life and reduce food waste. Not only this, but it can also help us reduce fuel consumption for transportation by bringing its packaging weight down.


Plastic packaging is the most widely used form of packaging around the world, but it comes with a responsibility towards nature. Chemco takes this responsibility very seriously and advocates the industry to adapt smart, innovative techniques that are sustainable for the environment.

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