Innovation and differentiation play a key role in the beverages industry. The demands in relation to packaging are high, both from a technical and design perspective. High functionality in spite of minimal weight, ease of use, innovative closures, sustainable production, and the use of recycled materials are just a few of the main trends. Using the latest technologies, Hesolt Packaging guarantees efficient, economic production at competitive prices.


we embrace the challenge of food packaging production. Meeting consumer demands for durability, shelf life, and convenience is a priority, alongside fulfilling high customer expectations and legal regulations. Plastic’s prevalence over glass and metal offers advantages in e-commerce and new sales channels.


we weave artistry and innovation into the cosmetics industry’s packaging tapestry. With our modern production technologies, we craft enchanting and distinctive packages that elevate your brand and products to new heights. Emphasizing practicality and convenience, our designs entice consumers into an immersive beauty experience. Unleash the magic of packaging with us!


The cosmetics industry places particularly high demands on the quality and design of packaging. Our modern production technologies enable unique, innovative packaging which perfectly presents the brand and product. Practical, convenient use for consumers is always a primary concern for us.


we firmly believe that good design, safety, functionality, and user-friendliness can coexist seamlessly. Our proven expertise in packaging solutions for home care products and detergents is a testament to this philosophy. From optimal residual emptying to sustainable use of recycled plastics, we provide solutions that deliver substantial added value and benefits to your esteemed products. Count on us to elevate your packaging standards and enhance your brand’s reputation in the market.


we understand the critical demands of the oil and lubricants market, necessitating robust and user-friendly packaging solutions. Our designs feature convenient viewing windows to display fill levels, while our closures ensure easy operation and impermeability. We prioritize product safety, offering ingenious packaging solutions with secure closures to combat counterfeiting in this ever-evolving market segment. Rely on our expertise to safeguard your products and elevate your brand’s reputation.


we understand the unique demands of crop protection, providing tailored packaging solutions for agrochemical substances such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and plant growth fertilizers. Our focus is on ensuring safety, resistance, and robustness of the containers to safeguard your products effectively. Moreover, we also deliver high-quality packaging solutions for the garden accessories sector. Count on us for reliable and superior packaging in crop protection and garden applications.